Tinky travel

From the book "Travels with Tinkerbelle - 6,000 miles around France in a Mechanical Wreck", published by Blackbird-Books.com
Dobbie on the silvery Brittany sands First time on beach Le Conquet 2 Le Conquet
Morlaix 1 Morlaix viaduct PICT1005 PICT1013
PICT1014 PICT1019-001 PICT1020-001 PICT1023-001
PICT1024-001 PICT1028-001 PICT1029-001 PICT1030-001
PICT1034 PICT1035 PICT1039 PICT1044
PICT1045 PICT1049 PICT1050 PICT1057
PICT1065 Sunset on the Abers2 Tinkerbelle at the place with no name Red seaweed Brittany
PICT1066 PICT1069 PICT1071 PICT1094
PICT1096 PICT1097 PICT1098 Pointe St Matthieu 2
Pointe St Matthieu 3 Pointe St Matthieu chapel Pointe St Matthieu PICT1099
PICT1100 PICT1101 PICT1103 PICT1105
PICT1106 PICT1108 PICT1109 PICT1111
PICT1112 PICT1113 PICT1114 PICT1118
PICT1119 PICT1121 PICT1122 PICT1125
PICT1126 PICT1127 PICT1128 PICT1133
PICT1134 PICT1135 PICT1136 PICT1137
PICT1138 PICT1139 PICT1140 PICT1141
PICT1142 PICT1143 PICT1144 PICT1145
PICT1147 PICT1148 PICT1150 PICT1153
PICT1155 PICT1157 PICT1159 PICT1160
PICT1161 PICT1162 PICT1164 PICT1165
PICT1166 PICT1167 PICT1171 PICT1172
PICT1174 PICT1175 PICT1176 PICT1177
PICT1178 PICT1179 PICT1182 PICT1185
PICT1188 PICT1189 PICT1192 PICT1194
PICT1195 PICT1196 PICT1197 PICT1198
PICT1199 PICT1200 PICT1201 PICT1202
PICT1203 PICT1204 PICT1205 PICT1206
PICT1207 PICT1208 PICT1209 PICT1210
PICT1211 PICT1213 PICT1214 PICT1216
PICT1217 PICT1220 PICT1221 PICT1222
PICT1224 PICT1225 PICT1226 PICT1227
PICT1241 PICT1242 PICT1245-1 PICT1246-1
PICT1249 PICT1253-1 PICT1254-1 PICT1255-1
PICT1257-1 PICT1258-1 PICT1259-1 PICT1260
PICT1261-1 PICT1262-1 PICT1263 PICT1265-1
PICT1266-1 PICT1268-1 PICT1269-1 PICT1270
PICT1271 PICT1272 PICT1273-1 PICT1274
PICT1275-1 PICT1276-1 PICT1277-1 PICT1279-1
PICT1280 PICT1281 PICT1283 PICT1284
PICT1285 PICT1287 PICT1288 PICT1292
PICT1296 PICT1297 PICT1298 PICT1299
PICT1301 PICT1305-1 PICT1307 PICT1308-1
PICT1309-1 PICT1310-1 PICT1312 St Martin-1
PICT1317 PICT1318 PICT1319 PICT1322
PICT1324 PICT1325 PICT1326 PICT1327
PICT1328-1 PICT1329-1 PICT1332-1 PICT1333
PICT1334 PICT1335 PICT1337-1 PICT1338
PICT1339 PICT1342 PICT1346 PICT1347
PICT1348-1 PICT1349 PICT1350-1 PICT1351
PICT1352-1 PICT1353-1 PICT1354-1 PICT1356
PICT1357-1 PICT1359-1 PICT1360 PICT1361-1
PICT1362 PICT1363 PICT1366 PICT1367
PICT1368 PICT1369 PICT1370 PICT1372
PICT1373 PICT1374 PICT1375 PICT1376
PICT1377 PICT1380 PICT1381 PICT1382
PICT1384 PICT1386 PICT1387 PICT1388
PICT1389 PICT1390 PICT1392 PICT1393
PICT1395 PICT1397 PICT1398 PICT1399
PICT1401 PICT1402 PICT1403 PICT1404
PICT1405 PICT1406-1 PICT1407 PICT1408
PICT1409 PICT1410 PICT1411 PICT1412
PICT1413 PICT1415 PICT1418 PICT1419
PICT1420 PICT1421 PICT1422 PICT1423
PICT1424 PICT1425 PICT1427 PICT1428
PICT1429 PICT1434-1 PICT1435 PICT1437
PICT1439-1 PICT1440 PICT1441 PICT1442-1
PICT1444 PICT1445 PICT1446-1 PICT1447-1
PICT1448-1 PICT1449-1 PICT1450-1 PICT1453
PICT1454-1 PICT1455 PICT1456-1 PICT1458-1
PICT1459 PICT1462 PICT1464 PICT1466-1
PICT1467 PICT1468 PICT1469-1 PICT1470-1
PICT1471 PICT1472 PICT1473 PICT1476-1
PICT1477-1 PICT1480 PICT1481 PICT1482
PICT1483-1 PICT1484-1 PICT1485-1 PICT1486
PICT1487 PICT1491 PICT1492 PICT1493
PICT1495 PICT1497 PICT1498 PICT1501
PICT1502 PICT1504 PICT1505 PICT1506
PICT1507 PICT1508 PICT1509 PICT1511
PICT1513 PICT1514 PICT1515 PICT1516-1
PICT1517 PICT1519-1 PICT1520 PICT1521
PICT1524-1 PICT1525 PICT1526 PICT1527-1
PICT1528-1 PICT1533-1 PICT1535 PICT1536
PICT1544 PICT1545 PICT1546 PICT1554
PICT1558 PICT1560-1 PICT1561-1 PICT1565
PICT1566-1 PICT1567-1 PICT1568-1 PICT1569
PICT1570 PICT1571 PICT1572 PICT1574-1
PICT1575-1 PICT1576-1 PICT1579 PICT1580-1
PICT1581-1 PICT1583-1 PICT1589 PICT1590
PICT1591 PICT1592 PICT1593 PICT1594
PICT1597 PICT1603 PICT1605 PICT1607
PICT1608 PICT1610 PICT1611 PICT1612
PICT1613 PICT1614 PICT1615 PICT1619
PICT1621 PICT1625-1 PICT1627 PICT1628
PICT1629-1 PICT1630-1 PICT1633 PICT1634-1
PICT1635-1 PICT1636 PICT1637-1 PICT1638
PICT1639 PICT1640 PICT1641-1 PICT1642-1
PICT1643 PICT1644 PICT1645 PICT1646
PICT1648 PICT1649 PICT1651 PICT1652
PICT1653 PICT1655 PICT1656 PICT1657
PICT1658 PICT1659 PICT1660 PICT1665
PICT1666 PICT1667 PICT1668 PICT1669
PICT1670 PICT1671 PICT1672 PICT1673
PICT1676 PICT1677 PICT1678 PICT1679
PICT1680 PICT1681 PICT1682 PICT1683
PICT1685 PICT1686 PICT1689 PICT1692
PICT1693 PICT1688